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​6296 Donnelly Plaza
Ratkeville, ​Bahamas.

Mikeresin Figures and Accessories

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Mikeresin Figures and Accessories was founded in 2012. It all started with making and selling hand-made resin figures.

With the development of technology, we started making 3D designed and printed accessories, most of which are still available today on the Products tab of the website.


Shipping and payments

How can I order?

The website currently works as a product catalogue.
Write us a letter to with the product number(s). We will respond you as soon as possible with the details.

How do I pay for the order?

Payment information will be sent by email. Please get in touch with us for further info.

How long does the shipping take?

We currently only deliver to Hungary and European countries.

Hungary: 3-7 working days
Europe: 2-4 weeks

How much does the shipping cost?

Hungary: from 1.500 HUF
Europe: from 3.500 HUF